Several times in my life I was lucky

The need for real political innovation led to Trump

Will Trump win again? Yes

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  • 10 pontban
  • hosszabban: 3 folyamat és 2 dokumentum elkészítésével hogyan juthatunk el hogy az alapok rendben legyenek

GDPR 1 mondatban

GDPR 10 pontban

  1. GDPR? Személyes adatok.

  • in 1 sentence
  • in 10 points
  • in a longer format: writing about how to set up 3 processes & writing 2 documents

GDPR in 1 sentece

What if my business is not in the EU?

What if I do not comply?

GDPR in 10 points

Freud — with a look

Note 1 — Software: socio-technology systems

Note 2 — Software business with a mission vs. Software factories

What if our expectations killed him?

Peter Czernecki 10xONE, iAGE / startup, turnaround

20 years business startup & business turnaround experience. BsC IT, Quality Management, Finance; MBA University of Chicago.

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